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Breakfast Cereals
Product Analysis 1
(using A.C.C.E.S.S.F.M)

During this product analysis I am going to "close-up" onto a breakfast cereal packaging and find out about its design,size,T.M.G.,etc. The reason of my research is to get more information and new ideas - from competitor products - that can be eventually used for my own product. AESTHETICS:

The product that I'm going to analyse today is called "Sunny-Bisk",its shape is rectangular,its height 234 mm(23.4cm)and its width 179 mm(17.9 cm). The predominant colour of the packaging is dark yellow,which is used as background. On the front and back of the package,an image,representing a white bowl(containing milk,strawberries,banana slices and whole wheat cereals) and a dark blue background is present as well. The logo which represents a wheat sketch ,a big red spot,the dark blue background and the word "GRAIN" written in bold with capital letters,using white colour. The logo is "repeated" 5 times: 1 on the front,1 on the back ,2 on the sidesand one on the top of the packaging. The size of the logos varies,as well as the font,style and sizes of the text. The contrast between the yellow colored background of the rectangular box and the logo is, in my opinion, a very good choice,as it makes it much more visible. COST:

Unfortunately,there is no recommended price written on the package,however its price pretty much depends on the shop you're buying it from. But,it always varies around ₤?2.00 and ₤?2.50. CONSUMER:

"Sunny-Bisk" is not gender specific,it is suitable to vegetarians, - as it says on the back of the packaging - its target market group is "formed" out of babies,aged above 12 weeks and in my opinion its social status is Working Class,because of the low cost of the product. ENVIRONMENT:

The packaging of the product is 100% bio-degradable,as it is entirely made of cardboard.It is also sustainable and it cannot...
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