Grapes of Wrath

Topics: The Grapes of Wrath, Great Depression, Fiction Pages: 3 (616 words) Published: June 8, 2011
Annotated Bibliography

Steinback, John. The Grapes of Wrath. The Viking Press: Los Gatos, CA, 1939.

This novel is about how people as the Joad family lived during the great depression, and how they did it to survive. Tom , just released from prison, comes home to find his family struggling to get money to eat. Ma Joad is the person that keeps their family together when everyone wants to give up or stay behind. Jim Casy, an ex-preacher, is a major character because he tells Tom where to find his family.

Number of Pages: 364

Setting and Time Era of Novel: Oklahoma/ California during the Great Depression.

Character 1:

Name: Tom Joad

Role in Novel: Tom gives strength to that Joad family as they make their way to California and while there.

Description: Tom has been in prison and says that it has changed him. He goes from caring just about himself to caring about his family. For instance, Tom gets in trounle and wants to leave so that the family doesn’t get fired also. That shows how he changed because he could’ve not hiden and got his family fired.

Character 2:

Name: Ma Joad

Role in Novel: Ma keeps the family together in the toughest moments not letting them split up. Description: Ma is the strength of the family, she pushes them along not letting them go their separate ways. She is also strong because she was able to stay quiet when she knew Granma Joad died. She stayed strong so that they could get passed the federal inspection. Even when Pa Joad couldn’t lead the family she pushed through and led them herself with her strength.

Character 3:

Name: Jim Casy

Role in Novel: John Steinback uses Casy to show his theme that he is trying to get out to the reader.

Description: Jim Casy is a speaker he likes to preach. He describes the bible and gods ways. He uses his speaking edibility to motivate the farmers. He uses this throught the story. Casy is the motivator of the story and he is also strong but uncertain of himself....

Bibliography: Steinback, John. The Grapes of Wrath. The Viking Press: Los Gatos, CA, 1939.
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