Grant Review and Evaluation BSHS/452

Topics: Strategic management, Proposals, Proposal Pages: 3 (441 words) Published: December 12, 2013

Grant Review and Evaluation
Instructor Rick Bazant
University of Phoenix (Axia)
November 25, 2013

Critique Sheet On:
The Behavioral Organization Community Resource Center from Team A Group Assignment

Credibility Component
Credibility of organization is established
Directors of organization and appropriate personnel are identified. Contact person is established as well as preferred forms of contact. Target Population stated.

Need Component
Need Component States the problem in detail.
Need Component state the mission as well strategic planning to complete the mission. Need Component Supports the proposal with relevant data.
The organizations program’s current need for the fund is established.

Objectives Component
Proposal describes outcomes that are measurable and achievable. Timelines are achievable.
Deadlines for time frame are achievable.

Methods Component
Clearly states objectives.
The methods component includes staffing and programs.

Evaluation Component
Tells how evaluation will be completed.
Tells how data will be gathered.
Includes measurable steps.

Future Funding Component
Expresses the possibility of future funding needs.
Budget Component
Is Accurate.
Is sufficient and covers cover cost
Establishes how funds will be used.
Includes sources of other income

Individual Response
I fully support funding, and look forward to future funding opportunities to support the organizations mission.

Explanation of Rating

The grant proposal is clearly presented and is to be considered accurately configured Research goals are clearly identified, exhibits rigorous standards of inquiry suitable to the organization. Budget request is clearly related to the project and well supported. The proposal is well written and understandable. Objectives and outcomes for the organization are clear, measurable and tangible. The proposed strategies are realistic,...
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