Grant Proposal Writing

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Grant Proposal Writing


Kristen Peak


A grant proposal is a written presentation of a program plan. This will detail how the candidate will approach the identified needs or problem with their proposed course of actions. The step by step guide to writing a grant proposal will include some major sections: abstract, table of contents, specific aims/background and significance/needs and problem statement, target populations, approaches and methods, long- and short-term goals process, outcome, and impact objectives, activity plans and scheduling (timeline), evaluation plan, agency capacity and project management budget and budget justifications. The abstract page is a summary of the proposal. This is the most read and most important page. It could be the shortest section of the grant but it should be about 45 singled space lines or one page, which is usually recommended. It is among the first few pages that the proposal readers would read and form the important first impression. For people who have to read it quickly and are the main viewers, this may be the only page they use to know your proposal. This is how they will understand the business. For example as a team, parents and staff are dedicated to creating a caring, exciting environment that promotes responsibility, self-esteem, and academic achievement where differences are valued and learning is a lifelong goal. Our goal is to maintain a safe and caring public school for children, staff, and community by teaching skills that promote responsible, respectful behavior to self and others. The second part is the table of contents with provides a table to show readers the structure of the candidate’s proposal and assists them to find the information they want. It should be a clear and uncomplicated list that is simple to use, while detailed enough to refer to the right place for information. This will also be used as a checklist to the candidate to guide them with the grant proposal. Thirdly is the specific aim in his section it presents the foundation and basis for the development, and possibly the approval for funding for the grant proposal. It also provides a brief overview of the proposed project. Many agencies spend tremendous amounts of time writing up the case justifying an urgent situation or problem that needs to be addressed. Meanwhile they are minimal in writing how they are going to address the problems they identified. Most of the time, the funding agency has a fairly good idea of the identified problem. Otherwise they would not allocate funding to support service projects that address the problem. The applicant needs to make a case here that the target population is especially at risk or in an urgent situation and needs to be served. Briefly, justify why this particular group and not the other groups who may be equally in need of services should be funded; for example, timing, recent successful experience, or recommendations according to local private and government reports. Write more than just plain statistical descriptions. Cite creditable sources of information to support the claims

Many years ago, in a hamburger chain commercial, an older lady asked a famous question: “Where’s the beef?” In proposal writing, approaches and methods section is the “beef” for the proposal. These sections will layout the proposed interventions or solutions that are intending to bring about changes on issues identified in the previous sections. Some funding sources refer to this section as goals and objectives, and activities and timelines. Since this section can be rather extensive and detailed, it is a good idea to start it off with an introduction or summary of the proposed project goals and plan. To reiterate the appropriate- ness and the feasibility of the proposed...

References: (Yuen/Terao - © 2003) Brooks/Cole, Grant proposal: A written program plan, pg37.
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