Grant proposal
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University of phoenix HSM/270 PROGRAM PLANNING AND GRANT PROPOSAL WRITING IN HUMAN Services Steps to writing a grant proposal. By Shawn Bolin Week 3, Day 7
A grant proposal for human service program is an outlined detailed written proposal of the program plan. This plan gives details, and gives a full break down on how the program applying will meet the problems, or issues with their planned course of actions. During this assignment, I will give a full break down on each part of the detailed grant proposal process, and give a better understanding on how the grant is to be presented too.
Abstract- A abstract is the complete detailed summery of the grant proposal. This is generally forty five single spaced lines, or a detailed single page length of detail.. The abstract part of the grant more often than not is the shortest section of a proposal; but is the most important and most read section of the grant. The abstract part of the grant proposal is the first part of pages that the potential funding organization would see, and is considered the most important impression. This makes it very important that the abstract is well written, and to make sure that the abstract represents your program effectively, and covers the program from start, and to the ending projected outcome. An abstract will also be used as the programs overall summary for the different reports of the funding sources, from the report to the community, and to the board of directors. Applicants will often use the program abstracts for their own internal reporting, and orientation for the programs. A grant proposal abstract can be a short, narrated, but a very important segment of the document, that has multiple functions. The following information is included
Name of agency Type of organization Purpose and objectives of the project

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