Grandparents: Family and Grandmother

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Having grandparents is one of the best things that happened to me and my brother. We lost out mother at a young age. I was eight and he was seven years old. We were living in Baltimore when all this happened and my father brought us to North Carolina to live with our grandparents.

Living in North Carolina was a lot different from back home in Baltimore, because we had to learn how to work on the farm. My grandparents work very hard. We helped them feed the hogs and chickens, work in the garden, and work in the fields. Before it got dark my grandparents would pump water and bring in the wood for the fireplace. When my grandfather died my grandmother still worked hard cleaning other people house to help make ends meet.

The family was very excited about holidays although two of my aunts can cook. My grandmother was the best cook of all of them and she would cook the best collards, pies, cakes, and turkey. And my aunts would bring other dishes and we would all gather at my grandmother house and enjoy the good cooking and talk about how good the food would be.

Our grandmother taught us a lot of things like how to share and love one another even when we don’t agree with one another. She had rules for the house that we had to go by, and if we didn’t we would get punished for being disobedient. She also showed us lots of love. My grandmother was fair about how she did things. She would feed and take up time with other children that weren’t family. She had a heart so much bigger than she was. Some children now don’t have the respect that we had growing up. They use foul language and disrespect elders; they also expose a lot of their body parts when dressing. I thought my grandmother was being tough on me, but she was teaching me how to have morals and values. My grandmother was such a good role model and I wouldn’t change the way I was raised for nothing in this world.
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