Grand Torino

Topics: Hmong people, Culture, Hmong American Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Gran Torino

In today’s society cultures are intermixed with each other. We have people from different cultures and all walks of life living in the same neighborhoods. This sometimes can create cultural differences that may cause some issues and misunderstandings in the beginning. As time goes by however, People adapt and start becoming familiar with each other and start working things out. The movie Gran Torino is a good example of this. Gran Torino is about Walt Kowalski. He’s an old school Korean War veteran who doesn’t like change. I say he is old school because, he feels that different races should stick with their own kind. This belief of his gets put to the test when he starts inadvertently begins to socialize with his new neighbors, the Hmong family. Thao and Sue are a young Hmong brother and sister that have moved in next door to Walt, along with a few generations of their family. After saving Thao from a tiff between him and the local Hmong gang, Walt was giving a shock the next day from the Thao’s family. They came over to his house to place gifts of food and other item on his lawn. Walt at first thought this was ridiculous and unnecessary. He didn’t really understand that his neighbors were doing this to show their gratitude for helping Thao out of a mess. Thao and Sue help bridge the cultural gap between Walt and his Hmong neighbors by inviting him over and giving him an inside look to their lives. So he heads over to his neighbor’s house for a dinner get together. While he is there he gets a few pointers from Sue about other differences between them. Such as never touch Hmong people on the head they believe the soul resides there. They don’t look into the eyes of people they talk to; it’s considered to be rude. Lastly, Hmong’s smile and grin when they are yelled at (which I know in America would cause some MAJOR issues.) But it’s just their way of showing embarrassment. While this causes Walt to believe Hmong people were crazy, He was willing...
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