Grand Strategies

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Grand Strategies
Before a grand strategy can be defined, Chrysalis must be compared to the possibilities of generic strategies and matched, if possible, with at least one. In this respect, two of the three generic strategies listed in J.A. Pearce and R.B. Robinson's Strategic Management fit the long-term objectives of this strategic plan. These are: 2.2. Striving to create and market unique [programs] for varied customer[s] through differentiation. 3.3. Striving to have special appeal to one or more groups of consumer ... focusing on their … differentiation concerns. (Pearce & Robinson, 2003).

From these two generic strategies can be developed the following grand, or master, strategies out of which implementation of the long-term goals will come. The following list is based upon a framework suggested by Dr. David L. Gould, dean of the Graduate School of Business Management at the University of Phoenix Washington Campus. •• Focus on a specific program agenda and demographic combination for which the agenda seems most suited. This can be done simultaneously for any number of agendas/demographics, depending on the resources of the organization. In the case of Chrysalis, the agenda is the ministry and teaching trust placed on us by the Chrysalis/Walk To Emmaus community. •• Develop multiple markets by presenting the program to youth (and their parents) of different age groups. [2] The program itself may only need cosmetic modifications, along with slightly different channels for recruiting candidates, sponsors, and team participants, and by changing the content of the promotional messages from the Puget Sound Chrysalis board. •• Continue to develop and evolve the program (within the parameters set forth by the Letter of Intent and the copyrights of the various materials). Although substantive modification of the overall program is prohibited, Puget Sound Chrysalis has permission to add "flavorings" suited to the local...
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