Grand Canyon

Topics: Grand Canyon, Colorado Plateau, Colorado River Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Timothy Baker
Dr. John Douglass
Grand Canyon Final
11 July 2013

How Was the Grand Canyon Created?
From the Great Pyramid of Giza up to the peak of Mt. Everest down to the great depths of the Grand Canyon lie many mysteries on how these natural wonders of the world were created. Some may have been created by the grueling labor of man or the everlasting work of Mother Nature. Over time, numerous ideas and hypothesis have been cleverly created and scientifically backed to explain the phenomenon on the creation of these marvelous sites. One of many favorites that gradually created over the past 2 billion years is the one and only Grand Canyon. The secrecy of this creation has been exposed with 4 different hypothesis all backed by science, however not a sole reasoning has been established. Today I am here to explain my reasoning on which hypothesis I believe is the true victim to the case of how the Grand Canyon actually formed.

First I believe it is crucial to quickly review the four hypothesis that are brought to the table, and then I will elaborate my reasoning of which hypothesis is most accurate. We will begin with the Lake-Overflow method proposed in 1861 by John Strong Newberry. This method was simply water spilling over a low point of the basin rim called a sill and drain across a sufficiently steep slope to instigate incision. This means water basically cuts through bedrock and flows between. Next is Antecedence, proposed in 1875 by John Wesley Powell. Antecedence works when the Kaibab Plateau begins to uplift beneath the Colorado River, causing the rivers bed to become sharply steeper. The steeper river provides the impetus for the river to cut into its bed. The third hypothesis is Superimposition proposed in 1948 by Arthur Strahler. This hypothesis is based off of water resting on top of rock, over time finding weak spots, fracturing and faulting in areas. This weaker area will erode more quickly and undermine any overlying resistant...
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