Grand and Toy Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Customer Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: April 1, 2012
1.Grand and Toys strategy is to achieve sales of one billion Canadian dollars, maintain a strong brand to be the clear leader in the Canadian commercial segment and to operate about 85 commercially focused stores clustered in major markets. Grand & Toy also wants to achieve their marketing objectives by offering 8000 products through 90 locations and web ordering system. Performance objectives against the strategic plan to achieve its vision included: •Growing sales

Reducing costs and increasing productivity
Increasing organizational capability and capacity
Ensuring a strong strategic position
Ecommerce is an important part of this as well they expected to direct 50 percent of its orders through its site within three years. By using one platform for all its customer needs this would translate into:One point of entry for customers

Online customer segmentation through user identification •Integration with other stakeholders
Customers ordering from multiple channels
New features including credit purchasing, account automation, etc.

2. Increasing number of global competitors in Canada is reducing their market share in office product industry. Competitors use better information technology to increase sales. Customized service and products are becoming very important for business and customers. Competitors use more distribution channels and better technology to support their sales in Canada and in other countries. Staples their biggest competitor offers discounted prices to attract new customers. Grand & Toy’s customers might affect by this pricing strategy and might switch over to Staples. In order to attract more customers Grand & Toy needs better competitive pricing strategy. Grand and Toy should compete with Staples and other competitors such as Office Depot which has one third of its sales in business clients and now with it having Viking office products its selling internationally through catalogue sales giving them an...
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