Gran Torino Tio Diary Entry

Topics: English-language films, Coming out, Family Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Today I was walking and cousin and his gang pulled up and started trying to talk me into joining their gang. I keep trying to tell them no but I give in and say fine, then they tell me I have to do an initiation. They want me to steal my new neighbours Gran Torino. I say ill do it, so I go into his garage, he must have seen or heard me because he came into the garage and point a gun at me, luckily for me he fell over, as soon as he fell I ran.

Today I was outside gardening, when my cousin and his gang came again and said they wanted to give me another chance to do my initiation. Sue told them to go away but they told her to go inside, the I told them I didn't want to. Then they started to try to grab me and tried to drag me, then my mum and grandma come out and then there was a big scuffle. Then our new neighbour, I think his name is Walt , came out of his house with a loaded shotgun and said "get off my lawn". Then my cousin's gang said he was making a mistake and then left.

For the last two weeks I have been working for my neighbour Walt. My mum made me go to him and work for him to make up for trying to steal his car. At first Walt told me to count the birds in the tree across the road but after that I told him I'm here to work so Walt game me work to do. But Walt didn't want me to do work on his house instead he found out what the neighbours wanted fix around their houses and then I would go around and fix it for them.

Today Walt said he would talk to one of his friends and see if he could get me a job, but he said before that he would teach me to walk and talk like a man. He showed me with his fried the barber. It seems like Walt just insulted him, then I tried it and the barber pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at me, but luckily he was joking. Then he told me to talk about money and women but in a way that's kind of complaining. Then Walt took me to meet his friend, I used what Walt and the barber told me and their advise worked and Walt's...
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