Gran Torino Monlogue

Topics: Hmong customs and culture, Gang, Hmong people Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Good morning/afternoon, welcome to my workshop titled “The Construction of identity through film.” The purpose of this workshop is to focus on different values and perspectives as presented in “Gran Torino”. Today I will be interpreting Thao’s point of view in the movie “Gran Torino”. Thao is a quiet, respectful boy that gets off to a bad start with Walt, but quickly grows close with him, when the gang starts giving thao and his family a lot of trouble Walt puts together a well-structured plan to send the whole gang to jail while keeping Thao from harm’s way. He gives his life for the peace of Thao’s family. The monologue I will be presenting today occurs during Walt’s funeral. (Walks into the church) As I entered the church my mood changed, I thought I’d prepared myself for seeing him but there he is laying hands together on his chest resting in his coffin. It’s so weird that the coffin is open for everyone to see but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone, Come to think of it I don’t know anyone here besides Mitch and his family. (Looks around the church) It was nice of him to take me and Sue out for lunch. Mitch told me a lot about Walt, so much that it felt like I didn’t even know him but that doesn’t change the way i knew him. He showed us his childhood photos, Walt was so young not a single grey hair showing and he was even showing a smile in a few of them. There were a lot of people here considering how friendly Walt was maybe 100 or so people,(adjusts shirt) I was wearing traditional Hmong clothing along with my sister, I Still Couldn’t get over losing such close friend, I couldn’t get over how quickly things can change. I went from trying to steal his car to him being a father to guiding me into becoming a man. Taught me how to fix things, how to talk to other men and he even set me up with a job. He was a genuine man (Looks over at Walt’s coffin). His face is so expressionless just like usual. I felt so uncomfortable about this whole situation. The priest...
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