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Gran Torino

By Driyah Oct 23, 2012 382 Words
Gran Torino Essay

In the movie Gran Torino the main character Walt, embarks on a self-journey. Throughout his journey he transforms from a bitter and miserable war veteran to a kind hearted man. The main point of were all his anger is coming from is not because of his new neighbors, but because of the guilt he’s lived with for most of his life. In the beginning of Gran Torino, Walt already seems to be in misery. He seems to be alarmed in the opening scene which is fair because his wife has just passed away. But he mostly seems uneasy and resentful towards his children and grandchildren. In the beginning Walt seems to be unhappy because his family is not genuine and caring towards him. A couple of scenes into the movie Walt’s celebrate his birthday. But his oldest son and daughter in-law tries to convince him into looking for a nursing home and his granddaughter is only interested in his 1972 Gran Torino. Walt later notices his neighbors the Hmong family. At the first glance, Walt had already judge the family and he put his guard up towards them. Things only got worse once the son of the family Tao tries to steal his 72 Gran Torino in order to be a part of his cousin gang. In order to be in the gang you had to prove that you were tough and willing to do anything. In the Hmong culture you must show respect to your elders so the family made Tao work for Walt in order to show Walt respect. The Hmong culture is very different starting from the food they eat to how they show respect to their elders. For example the Hmong are very family orientated which is something Walt is not used to. Also, in the movie Walt pats the little girl on the head which is a sign of disrespect. In the Hmong culture they do not make direct eye contact when talking to someone and you should never look them in the face. Also, when getting into trouble the children smile or grin. In addition if you dishonor the family they make you work for those you did wrong. Another big issue portrayed in the movie was the racism for example

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