Topics: Literary criticism, Literature, Fiction Pages: 14 (4184 words) Published: April 8, 2013

A) Guides:

1. The assignment should be approximately 5-10 pages. 
2. Double spacing
3. Times New Roman
4. Font Size 12
5. Referencing: APA
6. Cover page: Plain White

Writing Standards:
Students are expected to demonstrate writing skills in describing, analyzing and evaluating ideas and experiences. Written material must follow specific standards regarding citations of authors' work within the text and references at the end of the paper. Grades will be assigned for written material in accordance with the University catalog and the following general criteria . NOTE: Letter grades may be assigned for any or all of the following reasons:

"A" range: Outstanding achievement, significantly exceeds standards. * Unique topic or unique treatment of topic, takes risks with content; fresh approach. * Sophisticated/exceptional use of examples.

* Original and "fluid" organization; all sentences and paragraphs contribute; sophisticated transitions between paragraphs. * Integration of quotations and citations is sophisticated and highlights the author's argument. * Confidence in use of Standard English, language reflects a practiced and/or refined understanding of syntax and usage. * Sentences vary in structure, very few if any mechanical errors (no serious mechanical errors). "B" range: Commendable achievement, meets or exceeds standards for course. * Specific, original focus, content well handled.

* Significance of content is clearly conveyed; good use of examples; sufficient support exists in all key areas. * Has effective shape (organization), effective pacing between sentences or paragraphs. * Quotations and citations are integrated into argument to enhance the flow of ideas. * Has competent transitions between all sentences and paragraphs. * Conveys a strong understanding of Standard English; the writer is clear in his/her attempt to articulate main points, but may demonstrate moments of "flat" or unrefined language. * May have a few minor mechanical errors (misplaced commas, pronoun disagreement, etc.), but no serious mechanical errors (fragments, run-ons, comma-splices, etc.) "C" range: Marginal achievement, falls below standards for course. * Retains over-all focus, generally solid command of subject matter. * Subject matter well-explored but may show signs of under-development. * Significance is understood, competent use of examples. * Structure is solid, but an occasional sentence or paragraph may lack focus. * Quotations and citations are integrated into argument. * Transitions between paragraphs occur but may lack originality. * Competent use of language; sentences are solid but may lack development, refinement, style. * Occasional minor mechanical errors may occur, but do not impede clear understanding of material. * No serious mechanical errors (fragments, run-ons, comma-splices, etc.) "D" range: Unacceptable achievement; does not meet minimum standards (Note: The "D" grade is a passing grade; work that is not of "passing quality" should receive grade "F."). * Significance of content is unclear.

* Some ideas may lack support, elaboration.
* Lacks sufficient examples or relevance of examples may be unclear. * Support material may not be clearly incorporated into argument. * Expression is occasionally awkward (problematic sentence structure). * Mechanical errors may at times impede clear understanding of material. * May have serious mechanical errors (fragments, run-ons, comma-splices, etc.) "F" range: Failure to attend to standards

* Ignores assignment.
* Lacks significance.
* Lacks coherence.
* Includes plagiarized material (intentional or unintentional). * Lacks focus.
* Difficult to follow due to awkward sentence or paragraph development. * Mechanical errors impede understanding.
* Problems with writing at...
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