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Submitted To: Farhana Nur Malik

Course Teacher

Human resource Management

BBS Department

BRAC University

Submitted By:

Tasnuva Rubaiyat ID: 07104056

Maria Mostafizar ID: 07104071

Abu Sakib Abdullah ID: 07110056

Charisma Ali ID: 07104015

Mofliha Masnoon ID: 07104030

Section : 002

Date of Submission: 09.04.2009

Course ID: MGT 301

Course Name: Human Resource Management

Letter of transmittal

09th April, 2009


Farhana Nur Malik

Course Instructor

BRAC Business School

BRAC University

Subject: Submission of Term Paper “Compare and Contrast Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process” (MGT-301)

Dear Madam,

It is a great pleasure that we are finally submitting our final Term Paper “Compare and Contrast Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process”. The practical exposure while working on this paper helped our team to bridge the academic work and the practical knowledge. We were very fortunate to have worked with some experienced professionals in Grameenphone and Aktel while gathering the relevant data for this report.

We tried our best to furnish this report with all the relevant information and facts and also tried to raise the right questions. But we do acknowledge that many anomalies might arise, which we are willing to change in light of further in-depth research or information. We will welcome any clarification and suggestion regarding this report.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,

Mofliha Masnoon ID: 07104030…………………………

Tasnuva Rubaiyat ID: 07104056 …………………………

Maria Mostafizar ID: 07104071…………………………

Abu Sakib Abdullah ID: 07110056 …………………………

Charisma Ali ID: 07104015 …………………………


First of all we are graceful to almighty God for giving us the power to finish our term paper with a well established way and at a perfect or schedule time period. To make a report, it needs a lot of information, effort, link, member’s coordination and so on. The main purpose of this report is Compare and Contrast Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process of Grameenphone and Aktel. To make this a report all the thanks goes to Aneeq Hossain Chowdhury, officer, employee branding and Ahmed Shihab (executive-sales and marketing) because they helped us a lot about giving information of Grameenphone and Aktel(respectively) . They gave us long patient hearing and sitting, practical orientation and answering our numerous quarries nicely.

Executive Summary:

Telecom sector, now-a-days, have big contribution in national economy. All sorts of economic and financial activities revolve round the axis of the tele-com sector. As the industry produces goods and commodities, so this sector creates and controls money-market and promotes formation of capital. From this point of view, tele-com-a technical profession- can be termed as industry. Services to its customers are the products of tele-communication industry besides being a pivotal factor in promoting capital formation in the country.

In this report, we have attempted to find out the recruitment process and personnel forecasting of both Aktel and Grameenphone, and tried to compare the similarities and differences between the companies. We have focused on the management process and human resource sector of both of the companies and also on Personnel Forecasting and Recruitment Process. The report contains the procedure and the methods use by the HR department of Grameenphone and Aktel. As this was an internal in formations, not shared to the outsiders most of the time was spent on gathering the mentioned...

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