Grameen Danone

Topics: Social business, Social enterprise, Companies of Bangladesh Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Grameen Danone Foods

Muhama Yunus reinvented the world by giving the poor a way out of poverty through micro financing with Grameen Bank and improving the health of children with Grameen Foods. With the help of Grameen Group’s establishment, he was turned towards Danone, where he continued his venture of social entrepreneurship.

The partnership between Grameen and Danone was crucial to the organization that was built. Just as Homeless World Cup and Nike partnered to give each other benefits and social satisfaction, it created a win/win by an exchange of capabilities and information sharing. Grameen knew how to extend outwards to a vast majority of people while keeping a strong customer base and having a solid infrastructure as Danone specialized in foods and realized the opportunity to benefit the impoverished. Besides the brilliant idea, the experience’s shared by both and how they complemented each other became a big factor in how this organization was able to succeed. I liked how Grameen Danone bought from and employed the locals. Being a social enterprise, they began by starting small with the employment of locals and proved themselves locally. It is important to use resources at hand when dealing with a social organization to benefit the community nearest to you and grow outwards. Since locals help out with the process, it makes sense to give them a discounted price relative to surrounding areas. When the price of milk rose dramatically, they began to store more milk to decrease “on-spot” buying. This increased their ability to save money and look for better deals on milk. This rise in price of milk also became a great challenge to sell yogurt to the locals. This was the original and the biggest concern for Grameen Danone from the get-go. So, by downsizing the product and offering a lower price, Grameen offered an affordable product that could still give the needed nutrients to its customers. A recommendation I could give would be to buy and raise...
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