Grameen Bank: A Social Enterprise Case Study

Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: July 14, 2013
Grameen Bank: A Social Enterprise Case Study

1. Undertake stakeholder analysis for the Bangladesh’s Grameen Bank? a. Internal stakeholders are directors, managers, employees, bank officers, etc. These individuals believe and promote the company’s vision and mission and give value to Grameen bank’s endeavors. They all fit into a stakeholder group that we can dub as departments and hierarchy in the bank. Furthermore, we can conduct a power/interest matrix. The directors and managers are mainly interested in salaries, share options, job satisfaction, status, and social welfare. They also have significant power as they make decisions and have detailed information. Therefore, these individuals are key players in the power/interest matrix. On the other hand the employees and bank officers are mainly concerned with salaries & wages, job security, job satisfaction, and motivation. They share the company’s vision and mission and thus have significant influence over clients of the bank. However, they don’t have the power to influence the strategic course of the firm. Therefore they are termed as keep informed in the power/interest matrix. b. Connected stakeholders are shareholders and customers. i. Shareholders are concerned with profit growths, share price growths, and dividend returns. Shareholders hold tremendous power as they elect the board. However, the level of power will be dependent on the number of shares one holds. Shareholders create value by electing a board that will follow the strategic goals of the shareholders. In the power/interest matrix a shareholder with controlling stake will be a key player. ii. Customers are concerned with interest rates, amount of loan available, payment schedules, ease to understand information, customer service, bank locations, etc. These customers can influence the bank by refusing to do business with them but as the alternative is moneylenders which provide high interest rates this is...
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