Graffiti Art Concept Paper

Topics: Graffiti, Art, Street art Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Kassandra Morales
English 1010
Paper 2
Graffiti art
People argue back and forth for years about graffiti art intensely. But it is art through illegal vandalism Graffiti is still art. The artwork on graffiti is brought out wrongly from different point of views. The complexities of the different forms of artwork used are used in many different ways. Graffiti has a certain ‘appeal’ to many people. It gives an unknown person a chance to speak through art. The textures and shadowing they use are artistic. The hardest part is not being able to refresh your painting and start over, erase it. It’s there for a long amount of time, for people to admire. It isn’t scribbles of fancy words, but unique characteristics added to it. People even paint murals representing a moral or ethical issue it’s the type of art that makes you think why they painted it. Graffiti is more than just the desecration of the urban landscape, it is a form of freedom of expression of culture which shows different emblems there language and much more, as in politics it can been show with a role model and quote form a speech or a marking image that is know, and in imagination it’s also have the control in the art work with no restriction. In article of the overprotective kid, by Hanna Rosin, Rosin talks about how children need freedom to grow. In Hart’s research she explains “To the children, each little addition to their free range –being allowed to cross a paved road, or go to the center of town was a sign of growing up.” (pg 167 pragh 37). This quote explains on how children need a bit of free range to express themselves and find out who they are which in the process of growing up this relates to the concept of freedom. On graffiti it has been used for a long time as a form of expression by human beings all over the world in different forms and meaning. Graffiti can be found in many different and unique places showing an image on how they feel, think, and what they are...
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