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The History of Graffiti

The writing on walls has been a creative act of self expression for thousands of years. Beginning with cave paintings depicting the everyday life of tribes of early humans to political messages in the early days of the Roman Empire. Since then, the writing on walls has evolved to a more modern platform. It has evolved into a phenomenon that we now call Graffiti. The roots of this once subculture artform is not entirely established in certainty. Graffiti is thought to have begun in Philadelphia with two artists. They went by the name of Cornbread and Cool Earl. Cornbread's story was that he wanted to impress a girl in his highschool so he started writing his name all over the city to capture her attention. This was emulated in New York City not too long after Cornbread by Taki183. Taki183 was a kid who had a job as foot-messenger. He would walk all over the city and ride the transit trains everyday. One day he decided to take a marker with him and started to write where ever he went. This would spark the now worldwide phenomenon known as Graffiti. When other kids around the city began to take notice of this mysterious scrawl, scores of graffiti artists or "writers" began to emerge. Writers from every borough started to establish their names on the city. Eventually the writing went from the city to the subways and trains. Subway cars were the best way of communication among writers. These trains would travel all over New York City and writers transformed the steel boxes into a traveling metal canvas of self expression and style. The concept of "bombing" was now being set into place. When graffiti first started, the style...
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