Graduation Speech

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Theodore Roosevelt once said, “a man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a collage education he may steal the whole rail road.” Even though we have a while to get a collage education, we’ve made it here, to the end of 8th grade. Just like a rail road the train has to be set on a good track, just like our education. So far for this 8th grade class our tracks have been fantastic ever since we first started our journey.

Our first stop was at kindergarten, where we thought school was just a place your parents dropped you off to get you out of their hair; which, I still believe. We weren’t informed that every year the school work got harder, that there where no more letters to color in, or numbers you could count on our fingers, or even that some of the teachers got meaner, but through all of that we came along the best nail in the track, which is best friends.

In elementary school you counted someone as your friend if you shared crayons with them, but now we share secrets, but who knows we still share crayons to throw at each other. We may not have grown up in the inside but on the outside we have. Just like the other day I gave a pair of my old boots that didn’t fit me no more to my dad. My mom said that it use to be the other way around, I use to put dads boots on and stomp around saying I was dad. Then I realized, I remembered that, it seemed like just yesterday. That the years have flown by. That it was just like yesterday when I was in fifth grade sitting next to Maddie thinking we were so cool we could remember the whole lyrics to the newest song, or wishing we where like the older kids, and joining sports. Or third grade with Caroline and having a crush on someone was the biggest deal. Or even first grade with Morgan and if you did something wrong in the class and you had to flip your card to different colors, and some of us got upset when we missed recess or the little prize at the end of the day.

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