Graduation Speech

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On May 31st, you will have survived 180 days of fifth grade. Many of you have spent 1,080 days of your life in elementary school ~ maybe even here at Green. These past years have served as the platform for you future. If you had a chance to share your experiences with an audience of your parents, friends, and teachers…what would you say? Tips:

Greet your audience.
Talk about major events in your life including (good and/or sad) times you had in school, at home, and with your friends. Talk about funny embarrassing stories that adults and students would enjoy and find appropriate. Talk about what you have learned both academically and on a personal level. Only use the first names of your friends and be considerate with your comments. Write about things you look forward to in middle school (and beyond) as well as things you may be afraid of. Use figurative language to draw your audience into your speech. Use quotes and things people have said in the past that you found interesting, important, or good advice. Thank the people who helped you (especially your parents or family members, etc.) Give advice to future students at Green

Remain positive but honest.
End your speech with a closing.
Fifth Grade Speech Rubric|
Minimum of 3 paragraphs of five sentences each| 40|
Use transition words “first, next, also, finally”| 10| Your speech should be grammatically correct and fluent| 25| Final Draft should be neat, include your correct heading, and contain a greeting/closing| 25|

A few students will be selected to read their speeches. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the “best written” speech but it will be the ones that connect with the audience. Good example of a speech and how to deliver it:
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