Graduation Speech

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To our industrious principal, to our respected teachers and faculty staff, to my fellow students and to our beloved parents; I would like to give you my dearest greeting of a good morning. This is my first time to stand in front of a huge audience because usually, I only talk in front of my friends, family and relatives; so when I realized that I need to write a speech for this day, I prepared myself and as of now, I am trying my best to calm my senses and stop my shaking due to nervousness. But anyway, it is still a pleasure to be with you all. When I first came to this school, I was like, “Will I survive this world? What will happen to me?” while slowly imagining things of the future. Maybe some of us were like this when we took our first step on the gates of this school as a student here, specifically, a freshman student. For we never know what will happen in the next few days, in the next few hours and minutes but there’s always that positive side of our minds that hopes for good things. Well, maybe back then, you never dreamed to write but now you are a journalist of our school, a member of the newspaper staff and a back-to-back first placer in all press conferences; division, regional and national. Maybe, you never wanted to be a player because you don’t know any sport but now, you are a proud athlete representing our school during IRAA, R1AA and CSDAM meets. Maybe, that time when you only wanted to be a meritorious student in your class, now you’re an honor student. And many more maybe’s and but now’s. But what’s more important than making great achievements out of just dreaming them or of not, is when you enjoy what you do and love it. To those who still haven’t found what they are capable of and to those who are still on the process of achieving their goals, time will come and you will be proud of yourself soon. But of course, we are all still on the way of making new and many goals and achievements in our life. So we are all...
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