Graduation Speech

Topics: Virtue, The Key, World Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: February 13, 2013
St. Pedro Poveda College celebrates its 50 years of existence and hopes to have several more in order to achieve its goals and aspirations.

This house symbolizes POVEDA, the institution, and how living in it helps us aspire for, attain, and live the Povedan Dream of becoming women of faith, knowledge and virtue through prayer and study.

There is a lock with a key attached to the label as this signifies that the Povedan education gives us the key to unlock the door to this home which will open our lives to greater opportunities and will allow us to become who God wants us to be. The leaf-covered roof and the flowers around the walls indicate our desire to be one with nature, to become GREEN and be participants in the growing need to save and preserve the environment in order for us to make the world sustainable and bring us through our centennial year. The butterfly represents the Povedan, who from a young caterpillar, patiently feeds and waits until it is released into the world as a beautiful creature provided with wings (knowledge, faith, and determination) to carry it to places that it has never been. Finally, the wreath, which is prominently displayed in the middle, symbolizes that the process of learning that we began in Poveda should be everlasting. Therefore, the values that we imbibed in school must guide us all throughout our lives as we live the Povedan dream and encourage the rest of the world to do so. Long live Poveda! Con Dios Sin Limites!
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