Graduate School and Thesis

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Final Master’s Thesis Proposal

Information Systems Graduate Program

School of Information Technology


For additional information about Master’s Thesis guidelines and deadlines, please visit:

1. Fill in the requested information and print out the resulting document. Keep all labels and section headings for identification. Be sure to adhere to all guidelines provided, including approximate length of the document. This document is available electronically at T:\Graduate Program\ Thesis\Final Thesis Proposal.doc or

2. Obtain the signed approval of your committee chair and member(s) on the cover sheet of this document and on the Graduate School’s “Proposal Approval Form for Research Leading to a Master’s Thesis” form found at

3. Submit the original copy of the “Proposal Approval Form” to the Graduate School and attach a photocopy of it to the front of this proposal.

4. Submit the photocopied “Proposal Approval Form” and this Final Master’s Thesis Proposal to the ITK Graduate Advisor according to the following schedule:

Fall Registration: April 1
Spring Registration: November 1
Summer Registration: April 1

5. Once your final thesis proposal is approved, you will be given a permit to register for a second semester of ITK 499. You must register for a total of five hours of ITK 499 if you began the program before Fall 2007 and a total of six hours if you began the program Fall 2007 or later. You must register over at least two semesters, and you may register for a maximum of 4 hours in any single semester.



6. Once your thesis is complete, as approved by your committee members, you must defend your thesis with all of your committee members present. In order to do so, you must:

a. Submit a copy of your thesis to the Graduate School for format check. This must take place at least 10 days before your planned oral defense and no later than the format check deadline specified for the semester in which you plan to graduate. Consult frequently with the Graduate School’s important dates and deadlines calendar:

b. When your thesis has been approved by the Graduate School, you will receive a ‘Right to Defend’ form that allows you to schedule your oral defense.

c. To schedule your oral defense, you must decide on a tentative date and time for the defense with your committee, complete the ‘Thesis Defense/Project Presentation Scheduling Form’ found at T:\Graduate Program\Thesis Defense-Project Presentation Scheduling Form.doc or and have the form signed by each of your committee members.

d. Submit this scheduling form to the ITK Graduate Advisor 7-10 working days prior to your proposed defense date. Your defense may be held no later than the oral defense deadline specified for the semester in which you plan to graduate.

e. At least 7 days before your oral defense is scheduled, you must submit two copies of your thesis to the ITK Main Office for review by ITK faculty.

f. Once you have successfully defended your thesis, your committee members will sign your Right to Defend form and the copies of your thesis you are required to submit to the Graduate School. In order to graduate during a specific semester, you must submit copies of your thesis to the Graduate School before the thesis filing deadline set by the Graduate School.

g. After your defense, you must submit 2 bound copies of...
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