Graduate School and Dr. Robyn Simmons

Topics: Graduate school, Explanation, Employment Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: December 12, 2012

      Gwene Downing
      HSER 511
      Dr. Robyn Simmons

      After greeting all members of the group in the hallway, I asked that everyone enter and to take a seat. I then proceeded to do a head count and all 10 members were accounted for. I took my seat in the front of the group and reintroduced myself by stating my name, my title as a graduate student, and I also gave a little information about my educational background in addition to a brief personal statement. I asked that all members follow suit by stating their name, age, number of dependents, marital status, and number of years they’ve been employed with the company as well as a brief statement if they wished to do so. I also asked that they state what they wish to gain from the group.       After all introductions were finished, I proceeded to explain the group’s purpose, expectations and goals. I explained that the purpose of the group is to allow all members a chance to discuss their concerns with their current positions at their employer and to also discuss any concerns that they are experiencing in their home life that is causing conflict or an unbalance. I clarified the goal of the group and its proposed outcome, which is to bring clarity, peace, faith and solace to these women as they go through their day-to-day task as full-time worker and full-time mother and/or wife.       Because members were already somewhat familiar with one another, the beginning stage did not take too long as members all ready had some level of comfort with each other. I did, however, allow members the opportunity to briefly discuss what they wished to achieve from the group meetings. The members that did decide to discuss their concerns during the “introductory stage” were members that were employed at the employer the longest and that were on the brink of wanting to quit. I advised these...
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