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The high school ranks 14th of 123 high school in western Pennsylvania for academic achievement based on three years of PSSA results on: math, reading, writing and one year of science, by the Pittsburgh Business Times in May 2009.[3]

Bethel Park's curriculum offers a wide range of academic opportunities. The school has long prided itself on its strong academics. In the 2006 Pittsburgh Business Times annual ranking of schools, Bethel Park High School was ranked # 9 out of 123 high schools in southwestern Pennsylvania. [2] 10 Advanced Placement courses are offered including: American and European History, English Literature and Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Calculus BC, Java, Spanish, French, German, and Latin. BPHS also offers 14 Honors classes and numerous electives, not limited to but including, Law and You, Democratic Leadership, Sociology, Journalism, Media Literacy, Theatre Arts, and Web Page Design. Every other year, Bethel Park also offers a course called the China Experience, which is taught by a teacher from Bethel Park's sister school Xing Zhi High School in China. Spanish, French, German, and Latin are offered as well. The average SAT score at Bethel Park High School in 2006 was 1046, compared to the state average of 993. The class of 2009 produced 2 National Merit Scholars and 7 National Merit Commended Students and 105 students who received scholarships totaling $4.8 million.[4] Forty-three percent of the Class of 2008 graduated with a QPA of 3.5 or higher, with 111 students maintaining their standing in the National Honor Society, by keeping their QPA at 3.85 or higher. The SAT scores of the Class of 2008 were 93 points higher than the State average and 55 points higher than the National average.[2] [edit] Grading System

Bethel Park High School uses the following grading system:

* A (90% and Higher)
* B (80% – 89%)
* C (70% – 79%)
* D (60% – 69%)
* F (Below 60%)
* I (incomplete)...
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