Grading System

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Problem and its Background

Nowadays, technology plays a very important role to our lives. We all knew that technology grows fast and the demand for human resources increased. Life in every aspects such as business transactions when it comes to doing heavy paper works, arranging, sorting now has come to find its solution to make task easier and less time consuming. We can say that all companies adopted what the technology offers. This is through the process of computerization. With its help, all transactions inside and outside the business world can be done in an easy way. Our goal is to provide a customized ROTC grading system. This system will discuss the importance of the study and able to provide a solution to the problem with the use of manual system. Finding a solution to the problem can be done by the proposed system. In this chapter, we discuss the problem exist and how it will respond by the proposed system having its objective, rationale, and scope of delimination. The background of this study , significance and its definition of terms was also indicated so that the readers will be able to understand clearly the terms that was being used by the researchers of this study. Company Background

A young man, barely 23 years old, had a vision of inculcating among the youth the qualities of competence and leadership, high moral and spiritual values and development of each individual into a total person. These would be acquired through an educational process guided by the philosophy of Dynamic Filipinism. This philosophy has as its guiding tenets, the internalizing all that is good in the Filipino people warmth, hospitality, innovativeness, and a high emotional quotient that has made Filipinos renowned in service oriented industries. This young man , Don Mariano Fortunato Jhocson , guided by this vision, founded Colegio Filipino, now NATIONAL UNIVERSITY in August 01 , 1900, in Quiapo, City of Manila . It was the first non – sectarian and co – educational institution then. There were only a handful of students at that time in the fledgling School, and they were in the elementary and secondary (High School) levels. Don Mariano, in order to help the school grow, was teacher, director and janitor rolled into one. In a short span of 5 years, he offered courses in Business – bookkeeping and accounting, convinced that thus armed, his students would be financially secure and respectable after graduation. This led to the changing of the name to Colegio Mercantil, awarding the diploma of Perito Mercantil. A short time later, the Philippine Law School was opened with the collaboration of the Lacson brothers. Don Mariano saw the dire need for training the youth for leadership and responsibility. He firmly believed that the discipline of Law would turn out men and women who would eventually be advocates for Philippine self government. In 1916, the Board of Trustees changed the name from Colegio Mercantil to National Academy. The growth of the Academy was continuous, added Liberal Arts which became the gateway to other disciplines that followed. After 21 years of educational service, on January 17, 1921, the Board of Trustees applied for and secured permission from the Department of Public Instruction to change the name of the National Academy to NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. On that same day, the University also installed Senator Camilo Osias, one of the most respected and outstanding Filipino educators as President of the University. Thereafter, the Colleges of Education and Commerce were opened in the same year. During the following years, the Colleges of Pharmacy and Dentistry were opened in 1922. The College of Engineering, offering initially Civil Engineering opened in 1925 and the Normal School in 1930. Sanitary Engineering was initially offered in 1930. From July, 1945 its facilities have since continuously expanded and the following disciplines were added – Bachelor degrees in Chemical, Electrical,...
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