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Grading: This course follows the grading system of the Virginia Satellite Educational Network: 93-100 =A 85-92= B 77-84= C 70-76= D Incomplete assignments will be entered in the grade book as zeros. Major Papers 45% Research Paper (Will be Counted as Three Major Papers) Major Tests and Exam 40% Classwork 15% POLICIES: Since this is a college-level class, students should strive to: Commit yourself to the study of college-level material, Discuss literature and other issues with maturity and decorum, Treat satellite classmates with respect and kindness. Timeliness: All written assignments must be completed on time. Each day a paper is late will equal a letter grade deduction. Sources: Plagiarism is the use of someone else’’s words, key phrases, or ideas without giving proper credit. This includes paraphrasing a source without giving due credit. Plagiarism is a serious breach of academic integrity and any assignment containing plagiarism earns a zero. Advanced Placement English Instructor: Anna Lee Gibson Course Theme: "There is no coming to consciousness except through pain" (Carl Jung) Course Focus: The Hero To search for additional texts, resources on myths, and philosophies online: First Semester Assignment Schedule AUGUST -September ASSIGNMENTS Aug. 29 - Welcome to AP English (Student Rolls from Schools) Aug.30 - Introduction to the Greek Concept of Tragedy Aug.31 - Oracle at Delphi Sept. 1- Cadmus, Europa and the ancient Greek city of Thebes Sept. 2- Writing Assignment 1

Autobiographies due for schools that begin before Labor Day Should include family information, personal hopes and dreams, and one story concerning your childhood. Essay must be typed. Please attach a picture suitable for use on-air Aug. 30 - Continue background discussion Aug. 31 - Begin Discussion of Oedipus the King (Oedipus Rex) by Sophocles You may choose to download the play from the following address: If you download the F. Storr translation, please note that the play we are studying is the first 42 pages of that file. SEPTEMBER ASSIGNMENTS Sept. 4 - Labor Day (No Broadcast.) Sept. - 4-14 Discussion and lectures of Oedipus the King *Sept 9- Autobiography due for students who joined after Labor Day. Sept 15 - Writing Assignment 2 - Narrative Paper concerning: The theme of this course is Carl Jung's statement that "there is no coming to consciousness without pain." In a well-organized essay discuss the elements of blindness that eventually lead Oedipus to lose his family, throne, and actual vision. (These steps must be supported by text quotes from the play as proof to support your position.) Sept. 16 - Test –– Major Test covering the background and the play Oedipus the King Sept. 19 - Begin Beowulf discussion - Online text-University of Virginia Library s=images/modeng&data=/lv1/Archive/eng_parsed Sept. 20 - Consider this as you read: What is honor and a hero to the Spear Danes and the Geats? Address for Anglo Saxon Culture: Please note the Living History section with dress, food, and the West Stow village. xon.html What is honor in a warrior society? What is honor in our society? What does the choice of a hero suggest about a nation or an individual? Sept 21- October 7 - Continue Beowulf lectures October Assignments October Reminder: Declare Yourself a Candidate for the AP Literature and Composition Exam: Speak to Your School's Guidance Counselor Oct 3 - Research Paper Topic Approval Oct. 7 - Major Test (Beowulf) In class essay concerning an aspect of the development of the hero. Oct 10 - Begin Prologue to the Canterbury Tales - Internet address:

Oct. 11 - Knight and Squire Oct. 11 - Nun Prioress Oct....

Cited: or Works Consulted for Semester Research Paper Nov. 11 - Act 2 Hamlet Nov. 14 - Act 3 and Act 4--Hamlet Nov.15-17 - Complete Hamlet discussions and lectures Nov. 18 - Proposed Thesis for Semester Research Paper Due Nov. 18 - Major Test - Hamlet - Multiple choice questions Nov. 21 - Writing Assignment 6 Argumentative paper concerning Hamlet 's motivation and move toward revenge. An argumentative presentation presents a step-by-step reasoning to prove a point. Is Hamlet mad or pretending madness to protect himself? This is a documented paper; you must use MLA style to present support for your argument. *Nov. 21-30 - Part of each class on Documentation Lectures for Research Paper Nov. 23-25 - Thanksgiving Break ( No Broadcasts) Nov. 28 - Begin Portrait of the Artist by James Joyce December Assignments Dec. 1 - Philosophies and an attempt to understand Joyce 's writing: Dec. 2-8 - Continue Research Questions and Portrait of the Artist Discussions Dec. 9 - Research Papers Due Writing Assignments 7, 8, 9 - Research packet must include: 1. Typed, documented paper (without a cover sheet or folder) Please use the standard university style form that we have discussed on air (as found in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers). 2. Xerox copy of all pages of critical sources used (both paraphrased and direct quotes) Dec. 12 - Complete Portrait Dec. 13-21 - Discuss Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw On line text from Bartleby: Pygmalion by G.B. Shaw Dec. 22 - Jan.3 - Winter Break ( No Broadcasts) January Assignments Jan.4 - Return to Broadcast Jan. 5 - Begin Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad : |
/conrad-heart-372.txt Jan. 6 - Review Congo Policy of Prince Leopold III Jan. 9-11 - Continue Heart of Darkness Jan. 12 - Exam Review Jan. 13 - Exam
Second Semester Assignment Schedule January Continued Jan. 16 - No Broadcast - Martin Luther King Day Jan. 17 - Writing Assignment 8 - In class essay concerning Heart of Darkness Jan.18 - Begin Othello, the Moor of Venice by William Shakespeare Jan.19 - Characters in Othello Jan. 23 - The secrets of Act 1 of Othello Jan. 24 - Innocence in an Evil World (Othello) Jan. 25-31 - Complete Othello February Assignments Feb.1 - Writing Assignment # 9 (In Class Paper) Topic to Be Announced Feb. 3 - Major Test using College Board Style Questions Feb. 6 - Begin Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky Feb. 7 - Dostoyevsky’s background Feb. 8 - Philosophy in Crime and Punishment (Nietzsche and Hegel) Feb. 9 - 16 Crime and Punishment character study Feb. 20- No Broadcast - President’’s Day Feb.21-23 - Continue Crime and Punishment Feb. 24 - Writing Assignment 10 - In class essay concerning the oberman philosophy and Raskolnikov’s character. Question Announced on February 24 Feb. 24 - Multiple Choice Questions (15 minute test) February 27-28 - Begin Poetry Unit: Students are required to keep a Literary Journal during March and April For Details view class March 1. Please visit the Terminology site in Links. For each poem students will determine: 1. Form of poetry (sonnet, ballad, epic, villanelle, ode, terza rima, ottava rima, lyric) 2. Point of View 3. Setting 4. Theme 5. Figurative Language Used (Simile, Metaphor, Personification) 6. Purpose 7. Elements of Irony 8. Style 9. Tone / Mood
10. Symbolism 11. Meter and End Rhyme Scheme 12. Imagery Examples March Assignments March 1-2 - George Gordon, Lord Byron - "She Walks in Beauty" March 3-7 - "She Walks" and poetry terminology March 3 - Major Test––––Multiple Choice (College Board Style Poetry) March 6-9 "When We Two Parted" and Don Juan (Section 1) March 10-Test over "When We Two Parted" and Don Juan March 13-23 - Begin Percy Shelley’’s poetry - "To Wordsworth" "England in 1819," "Ozmandias," and "Ode to the West Wind" March 24 - Writing Assignment # 11 - In Class essay on Poetry March 27 - Begin John Keats poetry - "On First Looking into Chapman’’s Homer" March 28 - "When I Have Fears" March 29- April 5 -"La Belle Dame Sans Merci", "Ode on a Grecian Urn" and "The Eve of Saint Agnes" April Assignments April 6 - Major Test - Multiple Choice (College Board Style) April 7 - Begin Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poetry April 10-12 - "The Lady of Shalott" April 13, 14, 17 - Spring Break ( No Broadcasts) April 18 - 27 - "Lancelot and Elaine" from Idylls of the King April 28–Major Test on “The Lady of Shalott and “Lancelot and Elaine” May Assignments May 1--Mock AP Study May 2 - Mock AP Test May 3 - Review for College Board May 4 - College Board Exam for AP English Those not taking the College Board will be involved in an in-class test. Those taking the AP College Board Literature and Composition Exam are exempt from this essay. May 8 - Morte D’Arthur by Thomas Malory May 9 - “Ulysses” May 6 - Begin Desire Under the Elms by Eugene O’Neill May 10 - Symbolism and Characters in O’Neill’s work and O’Neill’s characterizations May 11-18 - Continue Desire Under the Elms May 19 - Major Test on Desire Under the Elms May 20––24 - Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
May 24 - Last Broadcast May 25 - Tentative Date for FINAL EXAM
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