Grades: Weighted Mean and Lab Points

Topics: Weighted mean, Grade, Decimal Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: February 5, 2012
A. Use breakpoints to enter the grading scale in the correct structure on the Documentation worksheet, and the name the grading scale range Grades. The grading scale is as follows:

95+| A|
90-94.9| A-|
87-89.9| B+|
83-86.9| B|
80-82.9| B-|
77-79.9| C+|
73-76.9| C|
70-72.9| C-|
67-69.9| D+|
63-66.9| D|
60-62.9| D-|
0-59.9| F|

B. Calculate the total lab points earned for the first student in cell T8 in the Grades worksheet. The first student earned 93 lab points. C. Calculate the average of the two midterm tests for the first student in cell W8. The student's average midterm test average is 87. D. Calculate the assignment average for the first student in cell I8. The formula should drop the lowest score before calculating the average. Hint: You need to use the combination of the three functions: SUM, MIN, and COUNT. The first student’s assignment average is 94.2 after dropping the lowest assignment score. E. Calculate the weighted total points based on the four category points (assignment average, lab points, midterm average, and final exam) and their respective weights (stored in the range B40:B43) in cell Y8. Use the relative and absolute cell references as needed in the formula. The first student’s total weighted score is 90. F. Use the appropriate function to calculate the letter grade equivalent in cell Z8. Use the range name in the function. The first student’s letter grade is A- G. Copy the formulas down their respective columns for the other students. H. Name the passing score the threshold in cell B5 with the range name Passing. Display a message in the last grade book column based on the student’s semester performance. If a student earned a final score of 70 and higher, display Enroll n CS 202. Otherwise, display RETAKE CS 101. I. Calculate the average, median, low, and high scores for each assignment, lab, test, category average, and total score. Display individual averages with no decimal places;...
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