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College is an important time for everyone. Some may say it is supposed to be the greatest time in an individual’s life. The tricky part with college is that there are so many factors that deal with a student’s life. Grades play a huge role in that. Intelligent college students, those who are going to have successful college careers, know why grades are important. One reason that grades are important is because they affect eligibility in sports. For example, student-athletes at least have to keep a 2.5 grade point average to participate. Another reason grades are vital is they determine if a student-athletes maintains scholarships. To maintain a scholarship a student must at least keep a 2.0 G.P.A. Grades, also play a big role in future jobs. Employers look at a person’s transcript to see aspects of a student. One aspect would include if a student was efficient at school. Even though grades are important, college student know there are some negative aspects to grades. One drawback to grades is that grades can make a student lose motivation. When a student receives a bad grade, he or she feels a sense of disappointment. This disappointment can affect future grades. When a student is worrying about grades, he or she gets weighed down by stressed. Stress is not good for one’s body. The whole negative aspect of grades is quite complicated. When a student is caught up in this entire negative grade situation, then it begins a terrible downward spin to his or her life. As one could see, grades have a very negative consequence to a student’s life. Sometimes students just don’t get bad grades; sometimes students bring bad grades on themselves. When a student gets caught up in the “party life,” he or she will just be asking to receive bad grades. When one parties one gets distracted from his or hers main goals and the sight of why he or she is even at college. Partying means he or she is procrastinating from what he or she should be focusing on. With procrastinating he or...
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