Graded Assignment 1

Topics: Organization, Critical thinking, Structure Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: March 24, 2015
Graded Assignment 1
Write a self-introduction of about 120 – 150 words.
Talk about
a) family,
b) interests and hobbies including ways they may keep fit,
c) any other weekend routines.
Submission Deadline – At the beginning of Seminar session 3.

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Marking Scheme for Graded Writing Assignment

18 - 20

Writing shows excellent achievement of the
task requirements
Ideas are fully relevant and logical
Suitable length

14 - 17

Writing successfully fulfills task
Relevant throughout with certain parts
needing more development
Clear ideas but with some minor gaps in logic
Suitable length
Writing is satisfactory despite gaps and/or
It is relevant but needed further development
Ideas mostly clear but with some distracting
gaps in logic
Suitable length

10 - 13




Organisation is fully effective and appropriate
to the genre
Purpose of each section is clear and cohesive
Cohesive devices (eg. Paragraphs, transition
signals, discourse markers and punctuation)
used skillfully
Fully logical sequence
Fully appropriate organisational features used
Generally clear although links between
sections may need more clarity
Cohesive devices (see above) well used
Appropriately logical sequence
Satisfactory organisational features with
some minor, non- distracting inconsistencies
Cohesive devices attempted satisfactorily
despite some weakness in cohesion
Logical sequence although sections may lack
internal cohesion

Although relevant, writing does not fulfill
task requirements completely or appropriately
Key aspects are incomplete and/or unsuitably
Writing is too short
Writing does not fulfill task requirements
It is has little relevance
It is short and/or incomplete

Attempts suitable organisational features but
inappropriacies/gaps clear
Only partially organised
Few appropriate cohesive devices used
Lacks logical connections...
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