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Topics: Family, Father, Mother Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: March 21, 2014
Alex Shoemaker
What is Family?

fam·i·ly [fam-uh-lee, fam-lee] noun, plural fam·i·lies, adjective 1.a social unit consisting of members who are connected emotionally, socially, or physically that we are born with and/or choose for ourselves.

“A family is like no other family, like some other families, and like all other families.” “What image comes to your mind when you see the word family? People’s mental images vary greatly, based in large part on their individual life experiences” (pg.23). A family holds a million laughs, secrets, memories, and experiences that cannot be duplicated by any other group of people. Every member contributes a different aspect to the group through the journey of life. All families go through very different struggles and obstacles, and work together to handle what they have been given. Differences among families are what make our lives so unique and colorful. The differences presented in families in today’s society vary from size, culture, religion, roles, hobbies, etc. Some families are traditional where the mother is the typical housewife, father works, and children are in school; however, the book states, “Many fathers are more involved in parenting today” (pg.47) and “Many grandparents are now raising their grandchildren” (pg.53). It is important as an educator to understand the dramatic differences in families, and to be empathetic for them. Children live in all kinds of different environments with different types of people. It all depends on what works for the family and their particular situations. All families have one thing in common; their lives are ever changing. “Our family is very secure, except for the possibility of death, illness, unemployment, separation or divorce (pg.35). All families are occasionally faced with these unexpected battles. When coming across situations like these, an educator should do their best to show support to not only the student, but also the whole family. Managing...

Citations: Gestwicki, C. (2007). Home, school, and community relations. (sixth ed.). Clifton Park: Thomson Delmar Learning Inc. DOI:
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