Grade Retention for Children

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Can Grade Retention Be Good For a Student?
Jennifer Marsek
September 5, 2010
Noura Badawi

Can Grade Retention Be Good For a Student?
The children of the world are our future and we as a whole need to be sure that they are prepared for such a large task. The world requires that the children are able to read, write and have basic math skills in order to get through life, and be a part of society. This is a job that will become too large if it is not started and mastered in the early learning years. There are many children that are in the fourth and fifth grade who are not able to read or write at their grade level or even close to grade level. The teachers of these students have really let these students down by allowing them to move up a grade when they are so far behind on such an important task. Knowing that the children who are allowed to move up a grade level even though they are not ready for the move will struggle the rest of their life because the work is not going to get any easier is heart breaking. Children should not have to struggle through school it is meant to prepare them for life not break them down and make them feel that they are not good enough. Grade retention may not be the answer for all students who are struggling to pass a grade level but it may be the answer for many of these children. Grade retention is having a child repeat a grade if they are not ready to move up to the next. It is also for children who have missed a large number of school days and has struggled to keep up. It allows children to be re taught in the same grade in hopes that the child performs better the second time around. Grade retention has been around since 1860 and studies show t that the number of children who have been retained has gone up over time (Barton, Campbell, and Saffell n.d.) The grade retention for children who have learning disabilities has been found to be helpful. The children do better when given a second chance to learn that year of work There are many teacher who think retention can be very helpful in most cases and want to do everything they can to help children (Malone, 1998). Even though grade retention may seem like a good idea there are some down sides to it. Some Psychologists think that grade retention has long lasting problems for some children. (Bowser n.d.) Children who are retained a may suffer from lower self esteem, damage a child’s self-concept and create a negative attitude toward school. (Bowser, n.d.) Even though some children may have these issues with grade retention many children do, do better when they are retained. There are many studies that have shown that retaining a child in the early years like kindergarten, first, and second grades if done correctly can work well for a child. (Malone, 1998) Children who are retained at a young age has a better chance at learning to read and write then that of children who are just promoted to the next grade without ever learning it all. (Malone, 1998) The child that is promoted without ever learning to read or write is set up for years of humiliation. (Malone, 1998) There are studies that show that a retained child shows some Improvement over a child that has not been retained. This study also shows that these children Won’t continue to have the same academic growth that they had gained. (Bowser, n.d.) This would not be the case for all of the children that are retained. There have been studies that have shown that many children that are retained relearn and important skills that will help them in the years to come. (Malone, 1998) The most important grades for children are the primary grades. This is where the most important work is done to be sure a child will be successful at reading, writing, and basic math. This is the main reason why it is so important to hold a child back in kindergarten, first, and second grade. When they are learning the basic skills that will set them up for the rest of their lives and to be sure...
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