Grade 8 english essay Boy in Strped Pyj

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Grade 8 – English Essay

“Retell chapter 15 from Shmuel’s perspective”
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – by John Boyne

For several weeks the rain was on and off and on and off. Even though I had waited by the fence every day Bruno had not been for a while. I was missing my good friend.
During the morning line up Lieutenant Kotler was searching for a boy with tiny fingers to do some work. As he walked slowly down the line, I was hoping that he wouldn’t choose me because all too often when people leave the camp they never seem to return. He stopped in front of me and pulled out my hands to look at my fingers and said, “You’ll do little Jew.”

Lieutenant Kotler walked me up a dirt path clutching my arm tightly, which gave me a bruise. We walked for only five or six minutes until we arrived at a massive two-story house. He took me into the kitchen where he sat me at a large table. On the table there were sixty-four small glasses and a bowl of warm soapy water and paper napkins. Lieutenant Kotler told me to polish all of the glasses and not to move from the table or there will be trouble. I started polishing the glasses with no hesitation.

I had only polished ten glasses when from the other side of the kitchen I heard the voice of Bruno saying “Shmuel what are you doing here.” Seeing my good friend Bruno made me the happiest I had felt in days and a huge smile came across my face.

Bruno looked at all the small glasses and with a puzzled look asked me what I was doing. I explained to Bruno that I was here to polish the glasses and that Lieutenant Kotler had picked me because I had tiny fingers. To show him this I held my hand out and Bruno held his hand out so the tips of our fingers where almost touching. When I looked at our two hands I couldn’t believe how different they were. Bruno asked me how my hands got so thin and grey looking. I had not thought about this before but my hands compared to Bruno’s seemed so lifeless. I hadn’t notice my hands...
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