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Grade 7 Periodical Test

By jccccccc Feb 01, 2015 738 Words
I. Multiple Choices. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1. Who is the narrator in the short story “How my brother Leon brought home a wife”? a. Mariab. Leonc. Baldod. Labang
2. What presents did Mr. Angeles bring home for the family?
a. matsb. pillowsc. clothesd. shoes
3. Where did the story, “How my brother Leon brought home a wife”, take place? a. Manilab. Ermitac. Nagrebcand. beach
4. He is the author of the short story “The Centipede”. a. Amador Daguioc. Manuel Arguilla
b. Francisco Arcellanad. Rony V. Diaz
5. Francisco Arcellana wrote the short story entitled _______. a. The Centipedec. The Mats
b. How my brother Leon brought home a wifed. Wedding Dance READING COMPREHENSION
Jane Austen is one of the most famous English novelists in the English literature. She was born in the south of England on 16th of December 1775. At age of 12, she started writing. She wrote plays, short stories and poems. She began her first novel ‘Sense and Sensibility’ in 1795. This novel appeared in 1811. It was a great success. She completed her famous novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ in October 1797 and appeared in 1813. She did not like to move with her family to Bath, a town in the west of England. For eight years she lived in different towns like Southampton on the south coast of the country. King of England loved her novels. At 41 Jane became ill, but she continued writing novels. On 18th of July 1817 Jane died. 6. Jane Austen was a famous English ­­­______.

a. Painter b. writer c. businesswoman d. teacher
7. She wrote famous novels like “_______”.
a. Secret Garden c. The Canterbury Tales
b. Grapes of Wrath d. Pride and Prejudice
8. The novelist died in winter in 1817.
a. True b. False c. Correct d. Wrong
9. Jane Austen was famous for her ______.
a. Biographies b. novels c. paintings d. plays
10. In _____ she started writing “Sense and Sensibility” a. 1795 b. 1779 c. 1799 d. 1759
11. Jane Austen was ____ years old when she completed ‘Pride and Prejudice’ a. 12 b. 41 c.32 d. 22
12. Jane Austen was born on ______.
a. December 26, 1775c. December 16, 1775
b. December 17, 1775d. December 18, 1775
13. Jane Austen nationality.
a. Englishb. Frenchc. Spanishd. American
14. Jane Austen famous novel.
a. Pride and Prejudicec. Grapes of Wrath
b. Sense and Sensibilityd. The Canterburry Tales
15. Jane Austen date of death.
a. July 17, 1817c. July 27, 1817
b. July 18, 1817d. July 28, 1817

II. Fill in the blanks. Supply each item with the correct determiners. DETERMINERS

16. ______ price of petrol keeps rising.
17. He drives at a speed of 90 miles _____ hour.
18. I bought _____ new car yesterday.

19. Can you see _____ stars in the sky?
20. Bring _____ table here.
21. _____ ice cream that I’m eating is delicious.
22. I am keeping _____ books on my hands.

23. _____ runner is the winner?
24. _____ time is it?
25. _____ desk is this?

26. John Dave is showing _____ stamps to Ali.
27. The children are proud of _____ school.
28. Students, have you all finished _____ homework?
29. Kristine Joy is writing a letter to _____ grandfather.
30. The lion is chasing _____ prey.

31. Office: working; kitchen: ______
32. Son: father; _____: mother
33. _____: men; goose: geese
34. Cat: _____; spider: fly
35. Bird: fly; fish: _____
36. Moon:_____; sun: day
37. Angels: _____; demons: hell
38. _____: sight; teeth: chew
39. Puppy: dog; kitten: _____
40. Three: _____; four: square

III. Literal and Figurative. Write L if the sentence is Literal and F if the sentence is Figurative. Write your answers before each item. ____ 41. I can’t find my keys.
____42. My mind is oatmeal.
____ 43. Before the soccer game, both teams attended a sportsmanship program. ____ 44. My teammate is a snail and a turtle combined!
____45. My voice sounded as if I’d swallowed rocks and sand. ____ 46. The principal announced the winner.
____ 47. Sam is a pig!
____ 48. The baby slept on the lap of its mother.
____ 49. The baby lived in lap of luxury.
____ 50. The grass looks green.

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