Grade 5 Social Project

Topics: Ontario, Michigan, Fur trade Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The social Study ProjectThe Coureurs Des Boi
The Coureurs Des Bois is a French meaning of runner of the forest. The Coureurs became friends with the First nations and hunted by themselves. They would load their canoe with goods from France, then travel north and west on the waterways. They met First Nations people and traded them furs and gave them weapons. When they came back in New France they sold fur and the trading thing started all over again. The Coureurs Des Boi woods man who traveled in New France and interior of North America. They ventured into woods usually to trade various European items for fur especially beaver belt, and along the way, learned the trades and practice of the Native people who inhabited there. Coureurs des Bois Was an independent French-Canadians came from all social ranks and all succumbed to the lure of the wilderness.” In 1680, the intendant government estimated that there was not one family in New France who did not have a “son, brother, uncle or nephew” among the Coureurs des Bois. It was not just the promise of adventure or the freedom to roam that inspired the Coureurs des Bois; it was the profits earned by purchasing valuable skin from natives in return for European goods. A Coureurs des bois was an adventurer with many skills, including those of businessman, and of an expert canoeist. They engaged in a range of activities including fishing, snowshoeing and hunting. All these activities depended on skills learned through close contact with the native peoples of North America. Native peoples were major to the fur trade because they actually trapped the fur-bearing animals (above all beaver) and prepared the skins. The Coureurs des bois were purchasers rather than producers of pelts. Often business took the form of dependant gift-giving. Radisson and his companions, for instance, “struck agreeable relations with Natives inland by giving European goods as gifts”. The term “Coureurs des Bois” is most strongly...
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