Grade 12 Literataure Paper

Topics: Othello, Poetry, Question Pages: 7 (1335 words) Published: May 21, 2013
English Home Language
Grade 12
June Exam 2013

EXAMINER: N van der Poel

TIME: 2 HoursTOTAL: 80


1. This question paper consist of three sections:

* Section A: Seen Poetry(30 marks)
* Section B: Unseen Poetry(10 marks)
* Section C: Novel: Animal Farm(20 marks)
* Section D: Drama: Othello(20 marks)

2. Rule off after each question.
3. Write neatly and legibly in blue ink.
4. Number the answers correctly and according to the numbering system used in the question paper. 5. Pay special attention to spelling and sentence construction. ________________________________________________________________

Section A: Seen Poetry

Choose any two of the following questions and answer them.

Question 1

‘An abandoned bundle’ by Oswald Mtshali

The morning mist
and chimney smoke
of white City Jabavu
flowed thick and yellow
as pus oozing
from a gigantic sore.

It smothered our little house
like fish caught in a net.
Scavenging dogs
draped in red bandanas of blood
fought fiercely
for a squirming bundle.

I threw a brick
they bared fangs
flicked velvet tongues of scarlet
and scurried away,
leaving a mutilated corpse –
an infant dumped on a rubbish heap –
‘Oh! Baby in a Manger
sleep well
on human dung.’

Its mother
had melted away into the rays of the rising sun,
her face glittering with innocence
her heart as pure as untrampled dew.


1.1What figure of speech is being used in “fought fiercely”? What is the effect of using this particular figure of speech?(3)
1.2 Why are the dogs described as being “ draped in red bandana of blood”?(2) 1.3Explain the use of parenthesis (an afterthought) in the line “an infant dumped on a rubbish heap”(3)

1.4Explain what you think the poet means by the words, “Oh baby in a manger”? Why do you think he chose those words?(4)
1.5Comment on the paradox of the last stanza in relation to the horrific incident described in the rest of the poem.(3)


Question 2

‘Autumn’ by Roy Campbell

I love to see when leaves depart,
The clear anatomy arrive,
Winter the paragon of art,
That kills all forms of life and feeling
Save what is pure and will survive.5

Already now the clanging chains
Of geese harnessed to the moon:
Stripped are the great sun-clouding plains:
And the dark pines, their own revealing,
Let in the needles of the noon.10

Strained by the gale the olives whiten
Like hoary wrestlers bent with toil
And, now with the vines, their branches lighten
To brim our vats where summer lingers
In the red froth and sun-gold oil.15

Soon on our heath’s reviving pyre
Their rotted stems will crumble up:
And like a ruby, panting fire,
The grape will redden on your fingers
Through the crystal of the cup.20

2.1 In stanza one the poet declares his pleasure in the autumn and the coming of winter. Give reasons to support the above statement by quoting at least two examples of this from the poem.(2)

2.2The word paragon means a perfect example of something, what would the ‘paragon of art’ be in the poem? (2)
2.3Give a description of the image that is created by lines 6 and 7.(3) 2.4What does the word “hoary” mean?(1)
2.5Why are the olive trees likened to “wrestlers bent wit toil”?(2) 2.6How do the vines and the olive trees “lighten” their branches?(1) 2.7Explain the paradox created by the phrase “the hearth’s reviving pyre”.(2) 2.8Refer to line 18, what is the figure of speech used and what does this image tell us about the glass of wine?(2)


Question 3

‘ a young mans thoughts before june the 16th” Fhazel Johannesse

tomorrow i will travel on a road
that winds to the top of the hill
i take with me only the sweet
memories of my youth
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