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Grade 11 Lo Project

By yanniliang May 17, 2013 831 Words
Grade 11 Life Orientation
Assessment Task1: Participating in Democracy
Grade 11 B Yanni Liang
Topic: Wild animals deserves forest rather than cage
Part 1:

We, the undersigned, call on the District Forest Office to: 1) Stop caging the wild animals for the development of picnic spot. 2) Investigate the activities which are against wildlife welfare act-2029 in the country and develop welfare standards.

In recent times, there are many illegal businesses who have been caging natural protected animals for establishment of picnic spot in the free area outside the forest in order to attract the visitors and make profits. Here is an example, Panchakanya Community Forest User Group of Chitwan has been caging three pythons and a deer. The acts of caging wild animals is not legal, they not only harm wild animals, but also destructs the natural law, leading to the decline in the number of wild animals in South Africa. Animal Rights Club (ARC) strongly condemns this initiative and requests the government to stop caging the wild animals.

The possible solution involves the government to establish an anti-imprisonment of wild animals organisation for people who love and want to protect wild animals to join. The organisation could then petition some laws to punish illegal animal confinement. On the other hand, we can urge everyone to stop imprison wildlife animal and report this behavior by putting more publicity on the issue of imprisonment of wild animal in South Africa as the media plays a very important role in people's lives.



Good morning everyone.

Today I want to point out why wild animals deserves forest rather than cage. People who make profits by caging wild animals, according to Wildlife Welfare Act- 2029 , are illegal to cage any wild animals for financial and entertaining purposes, yet we still find more and more community forest and private game reserves adopting such trend. Wild animals such as wild bear, deer, pythons, leopards are the most popular targets. However we still find the Government sitting silently, ignoring the issue which is endangering the wild life of South Africa. Therefore, we are here to put pressure on the Government to take actions as soon as possible on this desperate matter. Besides from urging the government to take action, we cannot sit back and just wait for the Government to change everything, we should fight against such criminal among the mass ordinary people, in order to prevent any further encaging of wild life in South Africa.

I suggest we look for wild life magazines, such as the Wild Magazine, and seek for their help on the publicity of our protest. We can promote such ideas to the mass about how to rescue trapped animals, by initiating donation activity and recruiting animal loving people to join the protest. We can also organise activist groups to go to private safaris and farms to report and rescue trapped Wildlife. By putting news about the protest in the newspaper and internet, we can educate the public about the misconception of caging wild life.

Why are we entitled to uprise about the issue to our government? It is because we are citizens of South Africa, we have rights to participate in democratic society. If one does not protest problems as such, one will lead the country into chaos. The government is required to ensure everybody gets their natural rights (health care, security, clean water, clean environment, support in times of trouble, food, etc.) and that justice is served, for everyone should be allowed a voice.

Now, we need everyone’s support to help the wild animals in cages. The protection of wild animals is to maintain the basic requirements of the food chain in the wild. Once the food chain is damaged, us humans will have to face more severe consequences. If we cannot protect wildlife as from now on, we will be lead to the destruction of the ecological environment and a bigger threat to humans. So, any animal will eventually perish, as any species in the nature plays a very significant role in maintaining the biosphere. Mankind should pay more attention to protect them, in order to pursue a sustainable development.


The Brown Animal Rights Club (ARC) advocates for the interests of nonhuman animals and seeks to spread awareness of animal abuse and how to end it. They do not support imprisoned or animal abuse animals, they have a team dedicated to the exposure of such incidents. The brown Animal Rights Club also has a facebook page to show people the pictures and news of people in the world caging wild animals.

The club uses the newspaper and all kinds of media to tell people to stop caging and maltreatment wild animals. They also have action teams to find people who caging wild animals and use the legal laws to punishment them. The other activity they do is having donations for wild animals, the funds are used for food and medicine for the animals need.

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