Grade 11 End of Year Business Studies Exam Paper

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Grade 11 end of year Business Studies exam paper


1.1Various options are provided as answers to the following questions. Select the correct answer and simply write the letter (A – D) in the block provided alongside each question.

1.1.1Government budgets and allocations to the various sectors forms part of the ...............

A.Fiscal Policy.
B.Monetary Policy.
D.REPO rate.

1.1.2Which of the following are the characteristics of the company Urban Brew Ltd: i.It’s name ends with proprietary limited
ii.The liability of shareholders is limited
iii.Meeting of shareholders are required
iv.The public are invited to buy shares
v.Shares are freely transferable
vi.The are 1 – 10 members
Choose the correct combination:
A.i, ii, iii and iv
B.ii, iii, iv and v
C.ii, iii, v and vi
D.i, iii, v and vi

1.1.3The name of this type of company must end in “Incorporated”.

A. State Owned Company
B. Public Company
C. Personal Liability Company
D. Non-Profit Companies

1.1.4Which of the following is not considered a reason for international trade?

A. Geographical position
B. Comparative advantage of products
C. Lack of technology in developing countries
D. International economic sanctions
1.1.5These are the main risk-bearing shares. Holders of these shares receive their dividends out of the profits remaining after the preference shareholders have been paid their fixed dividends.

A. Preference shares
B. Distributable reserves
C. Debentures
D. Ordinary shares
1.1.6A written guarantee from a bank that it will purchase any shares remaining, in order to make up the minimum subscription.

A. Preliminary expenses
B. Minimum subscription
C. Underwriting of shares
D. None of the above

1.1.7A protection mechanism for companies to ensure that strategic and critical information on the way the company operates.

A. The Basic Conditions of Employment Act
B. Restraint of trade agreement
C. Arbitration clause
D. Business acumen

1.1.8 A problem-solving technique involving management issuing a set of anonymous questionnaires to get employees’ opinions. Then, a second questionnaire is offered, together with everyone’s view points, to be answered with a new perspective.

A. Nominal group technique
B. Delphi technique
C. DRIVE technique
D. Progressive abstraction technique

1.1.9When previously disadvantaged people get preferential treatment in the workplace, it is known as …

A. promotion.
B. affirmative action.
C. human resource management.
D. retrenchment.

1.10.1 Privatisation is the term used when:

A.A private company begins trading on the JSE
B.A public company begins trading on the JSE
C.The State sells public sector businesses to the private sector D.The Minister of Finance raises taxes from the private sector (10x2=20)


Supply the concepts that are being described below.

2.1 This process takes two concepts that usually have nothing in common and puts them together to develop new ideas for products or services.

2.2 The liability of partners in a partnership.


2.3 A type of market research which involves the gathering of peoples’ opinions and attitudes.

2.4 SOC stands for ............

2.5 This type of labour has labourers with no formal training and are often employed where ‘training on the job’ is all that is required....
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