Grace Hopper

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Eduardo Sotomayor
Computers Literacy
Prof De Zottis
Grace Hopper
As a child, Grace Hopper had great technical skills. She would disassemble an alarm clock and put it back together just for fun. Grace was born on December 9, 1906 in New york city. She grew and became a remarkable woman where she attended Vassar College and graduated in 1928 with a Bachlor in mathematics and physics. After her graduation she became one of the faculty as a associate professor at Vassar College and continued studying mathematics at Yale Unniversity. Because of her personality, she became a great leader and began programming the first computers and Mark series of computers. In 1943, she joined the United States Navel to help her county and was assigned as Admiral. Grace Hopper was known as "The Grand Lady of Software" after becoming the first programer in turning oversize calculators into an itelliegence device capable of understanding human instrutions and inventing the first computer "compiler" in 1952. The compiler is a program that translate the computers sources and codes into a language that can be understand by humans; written in a high-level language into another language. She had some awards such as recievig the National Medal of Technology in 1991, "Man of the Year", The first woman to reach Rear Admiral rank in the navy and other awards. She inspired and influenced our society today espeically women because they can do what she did now. If it wasnt because of her, computer technology would not be where it is in todays modern world.
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