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Topics: Human rights, Tyranny of the majority, Majority Pages: 4 (2458 words) Published: April 21, 2015
“The view of the majority is always right.” Discuss.

Question analysis:

There is an implicit assumption, within the opening statement (which is to be discussed) => The view of the majority Encourages the student to explain why the view of the majority is right The key word “always” prompts evaluation, and provides a hint at how the question should be answered. Student is prompted to question the validity of the statement, particular in respect of whether the view of the majority is right in all circumstances. Instinctively, one would try to argue against the proposition. It would be very difficult to argue that the view of the majority is always right. I would advise against this. Different ways to approach discussion (not mutually exclusive): The view of majority is right. But not always (can be wrong). View of majority is usually right. But in limited circumstances, wrong. View of majority is right. But actually very limited. More likely to go wrong. Or as in this essay, no emphasis on the extent of right or wrong of the majority view. Simple evaluation of the proposition itself. The view of majority is right for certain reasons. But it is not necessarily the view of majority itself that is right, but underlying values/ principles it promotes and represents.

The adoption of the view of the majority alludes to a democratic model of governance and organisation of a group of separate and distinct individuals living and interacting with one another, where decision-making is driven by the mandate of the majority. Contextually, it may apply to smaller communities such as families or business organisations, or may apply to a political society in general, where leadership and policy are determined based on majoritarian election. The validity of the majoritarian view has long been regarded as highly contentious, attributable to its paradoxical nature, aptly described by Sir Winston Churchhill as the worst form of governing a country, save for all other...
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