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Topics: Editorial cartoon, Health care, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: October 25, 2013


The cartoon that I focused on was one that was related to the issue of health care. The author of this cartoon was Larry Wright. Larry Wright is well known for his editorial cartoons. His cartoons can be found in the Detroit News either by paper copy or online. He started drawing cartoons in 1960 while he was in the army. After serving in the army he took a full time position with Star as an editorial page cartoonist. Then five years later he left and moved to Detroit for a job on the news desk of the Detroit Free Press. In 1976, he was offered a full time job as the editorial cartoonist for the Detroit news until 1994. Two of his greatest achievements were the two Editorial Cartoon Awards that he won in 1980 and 1984. In 1994, they gave him his current position as the Associate Creative Director of To this day he still has his political cartoons posted in the Detroit News at least three times a week.

In the drawing by Mr. Wright there is a patient in a doctor’s office. The patient is sitting on a doctor table in a gown and is waiting for the doctor to give him the news of his examination. The doctor is standing in front of him with a clipboard that most likely has the examination results on it. The doctor resembles President Obama. In this cartoon Mr. Wright uses both pictures and words to communicate his opinions. He uses the picture of Obama resembling the doctor as the Government and the picture of the patient as being the average American citizen. Using a caption the doctor in the cartoon is asking the patient if he is a politician or not to determine if his health insurance can save him or not. The message in the cartoon is that the government wants to have control of health insurance not the people. The government does not want the people to be able to easily afford insurance because then they wouldn’t be able to control it as easily. With it being affordable people have a choice where...
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