Govt City Counsil Meeting

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Wylie City Council Meeting
One of the first things I noticed was that the meeting was full of what seemed to be just everyday citizens. The meeting started just a little late and started with Mayor Eric Hogue opening. I was surprised at first with the structure and order that took place. They took role of all board members then I was very pleased to discover that they open these meetings with a prayer. The prayer is one of the reasons why this meeting had surpassed my expectations. After the prayer, the pledge of allegiance took place and the meeting commenced. I learned about some awards that were given to the city one of which was the DFW Metropolitan Area Park and Recreation Directors Association (DMAPRDA) innovation award for facility design and construction. As unoriginal as this may sound, this meeting made me feel as if I was a part of the city. I felt as though I could have an input. I was not aware that any citizen could go up and address the council with a concern on non-agenda items. One woman went up to thank the city for the support of their businesses and brought the board some brochures. The woman was dressed very professionally as well as everyone else there. Prior to attending, I didn’t really know what went on during these meetings. After participating, I learned that they openly appreciate and award certain elementary students who stand out. These kids that came up were celebrated and awarded for behavior, academics, and acts of kindness to others.

The other reason the meeting surpassed my expectations was that I didn’t know what to think at first but later appreciated the fact that these kids are our future and I was very fond of the fact that they we being encouraged to continue with their success. Then councilman Culver announced that Cary Israel, the district president for Collin County Community College, wrote a letter saying that officials in Washington, D.C. named Collin College a Presidential Award...
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