Governor Ann Richards

Topics: Education, Vice President of the United States, Geraldine Ferraro Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: September 14, 2011
Leslie Holland
August 23, 2011
Scholarship Essay

One of the most crucial issues facing women today is whether or not a woman is ready to run this country as President of the United States. Politics has always seemed to me to be a "boys club" mentality no matter where or when. There seems to be a thought process that women don't belong in politics because they are too nice, too innocent or too naive. There is even the notion by some men that women do not possess enough education to become a politician or that women do not possess the "kill or be killed" attitude that would come in handy, especially as President in a time of war or conflict.

Women like the late Governor Richards, including Rep. Giffords and Michelle Bauchman, are proving men wrong left and right at every turn of the page it seems. Every election brings a woman closer and closer to that coveted "male" role of President of the United States. Gov. Sarah Palan ran for President and then took the opportunity to run as Vice President alongside John McCain. Geraldine Ferraro did the same back in the 1980s when she ran alongside Walter Mondale. All these political women have worked their whole lives to give other women the chance to break into the political field, to have their say and to, one day soon, become our first woman President.

My goal in returning to school and getting a degree is to become a teacher. Most people don't see a teacher as a political figure and, to a certain point, teachers have no political jobs so to speak. However, as a teacher, I see my role in this fight as someone who can educate other young women so that they will take up the fight in the political arena and make more of themselves then perhaps they or their families ever thought possible. Catherine the Great and Elizabeth I were both women rulers. And they were both single women as they ruled. As a single mother, I see myself as the head of my household, a role traditionally thought of as belonging to the husband...
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