Governments Secure Wealth to Defend the Rich from the Poor

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Governments secure wealth to defend the rich from the poor

The necessity of civil government grows with the acquisition of valuable property. Till there be property there can be no government. The very end of which is to secure wealth and defend the rich from the poor. ~ Adam Smith founder of moderen economics 1776

The men who gathered in Philadelphia in 1787 strove to erect a strong central government. They agreed with Adam Smith that government was "instituted for the defense of the rich against the poor" and "grows up with the acquisition of valuable property." A Constitution for the Few: Looking Back to the Beginning

History and Role of Law Enforcement in the Society

In some societies, in the late 18th century and early 19th century, these developed within the context of maintaining a layered social structure and the protection of property. In the United Kingdom in the late 18th century: The modern police department was born out of...the desire of the wealthy to restructure ... society. The swelling population of urban poor, whose miniscule [sic] wages could hardly sustain them, heightened the need for police protection]In the United States in the 19th century: The police role was only minimally directed at law enforcement. Its primary function was serving as the enforcement arm of the reigning political power, protecting property, and keeping control of the ever increasing numbers of foreign immigrants
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