Government, Too much Fragmentation

Topics: United States House of Representatives, President of the United States, United States Senate Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: September 19, 2014
Too much Fragmentation

Power can be used to offset power causing gridlocks to occur in government activity. This principle is still appropriate today, if not more so than it was two centuries ago. In today’s society many individuals do not like the amount of power the government has; though gridlock occurs far more often than the people support causing major issues to become large road blocks. Perhaps having the branches separated or having republicans control the House of Representatives and mostly Democrats controlling the senate has caused these standstills of today. Two centuries ago, fear of a large government was abundant. Today, fear of a corrupted government is without a doubt. Evidently fear of abuse of power may become a more focused concern as it was before. The government is split between Republican and Democratic parties making this a childish game of the repeated phrases, “yes and no” without any agreement. A few centuries ago the government was being created and individuals were concerned their rights were being taken away. Like James Madison proposed, it would be best if we had a one party system that controlled both the House of Rep. and Senate so that with equal representation of the people, decisions can be made with the majority on the same page. Deadlocks are political circumstances that cause congress to come an agreement of a 50/50 standstill. After the mass shooting at Sandy Hook, the president was adamant on getting gun control into the nation. Though at the same time, same-sex marriage was a big topic that no one could decide on, as well as the minimum wage. The president’s fury about gun control was soon masked and he became overwhelmed with the issues at hand. Congress could not do anything about gun control as a majority thought it was violating their second amendment, making it a large topic that would need the president’s support.

Raising the minimum wasn’t just a debate to be had in Congress. It was a...
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