Government Should Have Right to Censor the Internet

Topics: Freedom of speech, Censorship, Pornography Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: March 25, 2011
Today, it’s admitted that the amount of Internet users becomes more and more popular. To compare with 10 years ago, it’s an amazing difference. Internet can be used by 6 year-old children, by adults, or even though by 80 year-old people. However, its popularity is not always a good thing. Besides its usefulness, some people use for their advantage that to be against with the political problem. Facing with this situation, do you think governments should or should not censor the internet?

I believe that government should censor Internet by banning some negative websites from ambiguous or bad sources. What kind of negative websites and why do they have to do that? Actually, in my country, Vietnam, there have some websites about critical political or religious reaction content which is prohibited by the government. Most of these are made by the Vietnamese living in oversea. They created it in order to appeal to Vietnamese people for fighting against the Communism system. This is a society which people don’t have the freedom of speech. However, we are Vietnamese; at least we have to show our patriotism to our country even though we can’t satisfy with the government’s jurisdiction.

For instant, in Vietnam, since over one year, government censors Facebook, which is one of the biggest community society websites all over the world. As we know, Facebook is very popular and there have more than 400 million active users now. Every user can go there and upload whatever they want without any control. We can see some critical comments appearing on this website along with video clips or images which relevant to political reaction. Facing with this issue, the government decided to block Facebook. It’s also the first time Vietnam censor Internet, But is it the best way to prevent this riot? Let’s think before Facebook is coming, how do they spread their political reaction to other ones? The thing is if they feel so serious about this issue, they can find many ways to reach...
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