Government Regulations

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Government Regulations on Businesses Advantages and Disadvantages

Samuel Pinckney

Grantham University


This paper will discuss the proposed views on the advantages and disadvantages of government regulations on businesses.

Government Regulations on Businesses Advantages and Disadvantages
There are advantages and disadvantages that may be associated with the regulations that government imposes on businesses. It is best to examine the reasoning behind regulations first prior to determining the potential advantages or disadvantages that are viewed with government regulations. Government serves as an overseer of the way that businesses operate in society, and regulations establish the guidelines and rules for businesses in the marketplace. Businesses would not have a standard to go by without regulations and it could result in corruption because there would be no rules to avoid problems. Regulations established by the government forces businesses to think of ways to maintain success within the boundaries of rules, which will benefit the market for society.

Government regulations fall under the basis of two types social and economic regulations. Social regulations protect the interest of the public, such as health and the environment, from economic activity ( Economic regulations adjust prices and conditions of the economy ( Advertising is an area that could fall under the basis of social or economic regulations. Regulations for advertising protect consumers and keep companies honest about their products; businesses need to be able to back up claims made in advertisement at any time; advertisement must be fair for consumers and competitors...

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