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Topics: United States Constitution, United States Congress, United States Pages: 4 (801 words) Published: May 6, 2015
Unit 4: Question 3
In 1776, the United States Constitution was written and many principles were intertwined within it. Of the principles stated in the Constitution a few include: representation, majority rule, and limited government. Today committees in congress promote these principles. In article one section five of the US Constitution, it authorizes the use of committees. Committees more often than not promote these principles in the constitution. They promote representation by selecting particular senators to be in a committee that is within their jurisdiction; this, in turn, creates more influence for each state and therefore that state’ citizens. Committees also promote majority rule by having one more than half of the majority in order to pass a bill. However, this can undermine both majority rule and representation when it leaves committee and enters the house. For example, bills that ought to be passed for betterment of states can pass committees but be shot down in the house. They are shot down because congress tends to be more locked in political party disagreements rather than being focused on the welfare of American citizens. Committees also promote being a limited government. The check and balances limit the potential for anything to become too powerful and too big. The constitution protects those rights for the government not to impose its hand or will. Committees promote this by addressing those certain issues in the jurisdiction of the group. For example the government cannot take away weapons away. The right to protect ourselves with arms is limiting the government in its power. The Library Gun Rights committee assures no time is wasted in congress on gun laws if the bill is against the constitution. Limited government gives citizens more control on how the government shapes their local policies. Committees promote limited government by protecting citizens from legislation going into their government and personal states. It is often...
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