Government business relations paper

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Government Business Relations
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Business Regulation Issues

Government regulation has always been an important part of business as “regulations are essential for the proper functioning of society and the economy” (Ingram , n.d). A business is designed to generate revenue for its employees, employers and shareholders (Chindamo, Pg. 4-9, 2011). In a bid to keep increasing revenue, businesses throughout history have conducted trade using dubious, unsafe, and exploitive methods. In a bid to stem companies conducting business in an unsafe and unethical manner, the government has employed several methods to regulate this issue (Ingram, n.d). Business regulation has been highly debated in the past as there both advantages and disadvantages, but the benefits of business regulation greatly out way its costs. (Ingram, n.d) The government uses diverse methods of regulation, which include advertising, environmental protection and privacy. (Holt, n.d)

The government regulates businesses in the advertising of products and services. (Holt, n.d) Laws exist by fair trading to protect consumers and keep businesses truthful about products and services. (Holt, n.d) A good example of when a business advertised falsely was in 1990 when a government investigation of GNB Australia Ltd, Pacific Dunlop secondary had falsely mislead the public through advertising that their batteries were made in Australia, when actually their batteries came from Asia and New Zealand (Holt, n.d). Government intervention made GNB confess that they had been using inappropriate signs, brands and flyers (Holt, n.d). Pacific Dunlop gave actions in February 1991 that involved an obligation to improve its compliance advertising program during five years (mainly on marketing and advertising); remedial marketing; different marketing of batteries. (Tamblyn, pg.157, 1993)...

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